Refrigerated Containers

The Spacewise Australia refrigerated containers are the perfect solution for any goods requiring storage or transportation under regulated temperature and humidity conditions. Items such as perishable foods, fruit, meat, fish etc, and these containers are also the perfect solution for the storage and transportation of chemicals and laboratory samples. Although they are known as refrigerated containers, they have a range of -25C to +25C, giving the client perfect conditions for both refrigeration and for items that need a certain ambient environment. The Spacewise Australia refrigerated containers are available in two standard sizes of 20” and 40” lengths, and they are all supplied with the same high quality features, including tamper proof lockable controls, emergency lighting, man trapped alarm, lockable doors with an internal emergency door release mechanism, and outer doors for added security. Our refrigerated containers have been specifically chosen by our team of experts for their low power consumption and they are the most environmentally friendly units on the market.

Standard features

  • Temperature range from -35°c to +35°c
  • Can store up to x 8 Euro Pallet or x 7 metric pallets per layer
  • Low noise and low energy consumption (in comparison to our competitors)
  • Easy Open Butchers door (fully lockable)
  • Flat flooring for easy maneuver of trolleys etc
  • Aliminium loading ramp
  • Internal lighting including emergency internal lighting in the event of a power failure
  • Man trap panic alarm
  • Nationwide delivery