Dangerous Goods Containers

At Spacewise Australia we offer effective safety and security solutions, in regards to the transportation and storage of hazardous goods, as well as potential dangerous chemicals and liquids. Each of our dangerous goods containers are compliant with legislation AS1940-2004, and thanks to our technical team, we can modify any sized container to meet all health and safety regulations for the containment of such substances, as well as your personal specifications. Our safety and security efforts includes fire resistance, leakage retainment, and of course adequate ventilation. Also, at the client’s specific request, the Spacewise Australia technical team can implement additional, OSH approved, hazardous goods containment contingencies such as, segregation devices and lab cabinets. This additional equipment can help prevent cross contamination when storing multiple goods.

At Spacewise Australia we take the safe containment of hazardous goods very seriously, and consequently we work with an awareness of the severe penalties for non-compliance to the legislation of storage of hazardous goods. Every one of our specialised containers come in both 20’ and 40’ lengths, and we can adapt them to different sizes container, while still remaining effective for the storage hazardous goods, all while complying with the legal requirements necessary for hazardous storage.

Each Spacewise Australia hazardous goods storage container can be used for the storage of chemicals, class 3 flammables, diesel, oils, paints, thinners and other potentially harmful and dangerous substances.

Each Spacewise Australia hazardous goods container is equipped with bundled floors to negate spillage related risks. Also, Spacewise hazardous good storage containers are fitted with extra ventilation at both the top and bottom of the units, and an internal emergency door release, due to the dangerous nature of potentially stored materials.

We stock these shipping containers along with our standard Spacewise Australia units, so they are always available on short notice. At Spacewise Australia we pride ourselves on efficient and professional service and can accommodate our client’s requests for hazardous goods containers across Australia within 24 hours.


External Internal Capacity
Length 3.05m (10ft 0ins) Length 2.80m (9ft 2ins) Floor Area 6.69m² (72ft²)
Width 2.44m (8ft 0ins) Width 2.33m (7ft 7ins) Cubic Capacity 15.89m³ (561ft³)
Height 2.59m (8ft 5ins) Height 2.35m (7ft 8ins)

Standard Features

  • Compliant with legislation AS1940-2004
  • Available in 20’, 40’ and other sizes on request
  • Fire resistant
  • Additional Hazardous goods equipment can be added on request
  • Fully ventilated