• Containers for Hire


    At Spacewise we also offer logistics, in terms of relocating and positioning the shipping container you hire from any of our locations. Spacewise Australia is able to achieve a high standard of service, thanks to our experienced and receptive staff, who always prioritize the needs of every client.

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  • Containers for Sale


    Spacewise provides several types of shipping containers for sale, that are perfect for all of our clients domestic storage needs, from the specialized housing of ambient products, as well as being specially designed for all types of on-site storage.

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  • 10′ Standard Containers

    Spacewise 20ft Container

    The Spacewise 10’ shipping containers are galvanised steel, weatherproofed, waterproof, vermin and secure. All Spacewise 10′ containers feature a flat plywood floor, adequate ventilation, double locking bars, and a padlock lockbox for additional security.

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  • 20’ Standard Containers


    At Spacewise we carry a large stock of our 20’ standard shipping containers, one of our most requested containers from both commercial and domestic clients. And with depots all over the country we can deliver your shipping container and position it for you in a timely fashion.

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  • 20′ High Cube


    At Spacewise Australia we carry a stock of 20’ High Cube shipping containers which have an extended height of 9’6”, a foot taller than the standard shipping container size. Ideal for those requiring a storage solution for the storage of items with extra height.

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  • 40′ Standard Containers


    At Spacewise Australia we carry a large stock of 40’ standard shipping containers at each of our depots across the country. Providing double the amount of storage space to our 20’ container the 40’ container is one of our popular containers in the commercial industry which we aim to deliver to you within a timely fashion

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  • 40′ High Cube


    At Spacewise Australia we can offer clients requiring a shipping container with additional space our 40’ High Cube containers. With an extended height a foot taller than our standard containers the 40’ High Cube is the ideal solution for maximising your storage space.

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  • Refrigerated Containers

    Refrigerated Containers

    Spacewise refrigerated containers have a range of -35°c to +35°c. These specialized containers can store up to x8 euro pallets or x7 metric pallets per layer, are quiet, energy efficient, feature an easy to open and lockable butcher’s door, easy to manoeuvre flat flooring, and several other workable features.

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  • Dangerous Goods Containers

    Dangerous Goods Container

    Spacewise dangerous goods storage containers are fit for chemicals, class 3 flammable materials, diesel fuel, oils, paints, thinners, and other potentially harmful and dangerous substances. The dangerous goods containers come in 20’ and 40’ lengths, but they can be adapted different sizes upon request.

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  • Hazardous Goods Containers

    Hazardous Goods Containers

    At Spacewise Australia, stocks a range of hazardous goods cabinets, storage spaces, and partition devices. Our hazardous goods containers are used by hospitals, laboratories, schools, universities, and printers. Spacewise Australia also has five patented devices for the transportation of hazardous goods.

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  • Open Top & Flat Racks

    Open Top and Flat Containers

    Spacewise’s open top shipping containers, allow for the secure transportation of goods unable to fit into a standard shipping container. Our flat racks have no side walls, enabling odd shaped items to be contained secured for transit. These open top containers also come with collapsible end walls.

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  • Two Pallet Wide Containers


    The Spacewise two pallet wide containers are 2 inches larger than our standard container, with the option of placing two pallets side by side. These two pallet wide containers are optimal for shipping, storing goods already secured on pallets, and stacking and storing loads via forklift trucks.

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  • Side Opening Containers


    Spacewise offers side opening shipping containers, which are perfect for easy loading and unloading with a forklift. The side opening shipping containers are also useful for those requiring constant access to their goods and maximum manoeuvrability.

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  • Container Modifications


    At the core of Spacewise Australia is a unique team of engineers and technicians capable of converting and modifying shipping containers into novel utilities, which are designed to the specific requirements of the client. Two of the benefits of shipping containers are their adaptability and ubiquity; qualities that make them a practical and very cost effective solution to any storage or accommodation need.

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