Containers For Sale

Spacewise provides several types of shipping containers for sale, that are perfect for all of our clients domestic storage needs, from the specialized housing of ambient products, as well as being specially designed for all types of on-site storage. Each of the shipping containers available at Spacewise are resistant to theft, vandalism, vermin resistant, and robust enough to last as long as our clients needs them to. All of these features are available in structures that are portable, extremely adaptable, and perfect for domestic usage. These features are included to accommodate shipping, storage, and of course housing valuable goods.

At Spacewise our shipping containers are available for sale and optimized for purposes like:

  • On-Site Self Storage
  • Parts Storage
  • Mobile Onsite Warehouses
  • Onsite Sheds
  • Worksite Garages
  • Temporary Workshops

And each of our shipping containers can securely store:

Automobiles, TVs, shelving space, dry food, carpets, motorcycles, furniture, DIY materials, car parts, electrical item, paintings, retail products, important documents, canned foods, lighting material, lawnmowers, computers and computer parts, bottled water, mobile phones, clothes, plant & machinery, building and drafting materials, ceramics and ceramic goods, packing materials, animal food, furniture, and aggregates.

At Spacewise our shipping containers are available in such an array of sizes that we can accommodate clients looking to store large and small loads. If you need help figuring out which size of shipping container you require, simply contact us at Spacewise and our experts will work to find the shipping container that you need. At Spacewise we specialize in providing our clients with shipping container for sale all across Australia, making us one of the leaders in the shipping container industry in the country. We not only provide our clients with new and used shipping containers for sale, but thanks to our reliable expert fabricators designers and engineers; we can modify any shipping container to fit your needs. This is due, in no small part to our experience in providing shipping containers to a varied clientele throughout Australia. Spacewise stocks a wide variety of shipping containers that are perfect for use as portable and adaptable building materials, storage spaces, and of course transportation, with a stock that includes:

  • Shipping Containers available in a wide array of sizes.
  • Dangerous/Chemical Storage Containers modified for the transportation and storage of dangerous substances.
  • Shipping container modified into accommodations such as housing, cabins, and portable camps.
  • Shipping containers for the removals industry.
  • Shipping containers modified as portable buildings that are easy-to-transport, like site offices, portable toilets, and others.
  • Refrigerated storage shipping containers, chillers, cold rooms, all modified for the purpose of temperature controlled cold storage.
  • Shipping containers modified for the rail and road industry, featuring specialized shipping containers that are bulk and curtain-side designed.
  • Shipping containers designed for hoardings/gantries for excellent overhead protection at worksites.
  • We also have used shipping containers including the highest quality second-hand and used shipping containers for sale.

Spacewise also offers logistical support with the sale of every one of our purchased shipping containers including, support in terms of orientation, positioning and relocation.