Containers for Hire

At Spacewise Australia, we specialise in offering top of the line shipping containers for hire in the country, with depots across the country that enable us to deliver our shipping containers quickly, and with as little hassle as possible. We provide our clients with both new and used shipping containers that are made to fit nearly all storage requirements. Furthermore, the shipping containers that we offer our customers can be modified for specialized usage, thanks to our expert designers and modification engineers. The Spacewise team possesses several years of experience and a wide range of shipping containers available for hire for storage transportation, and modified building materials, our shipping containers include:

  • Dangerous chemicals and goods shipping containers modified for housing dangerous substances
  • Easy-to-transport portable shipping container structures, such as site offices, living quarters, and portable toilets
  • Cold storage shipping containers, Cool Rooms and Refrigerated shipping containers
  • Gantries/Hoardings for overhead protection on worksites.
  • Used Containers available second-hand for hire.
  • Specialized shipping containers for use as housing, cabins, and mobile camping.
  • Shipping containers modified for use in the Road and Rail Industry including bulk loading and curtain side containers
  • Shipping containers Specialised Removals

At Spacewise we also offer logistics, in terms of relocating and positioning the shipping container you hire from any of our locations. Spacewise Australia is able to achieve a high standard of service, thanks to our experienced and receptive staff, who always prioritize the needs of every client. This means we will find the right shipping container to fit your needs and give you the perfect storage, shipping or building solution. By listening to your specific needs, our engineers are able to modify shipping containers to suit you, while ensuring the structural and functional integrity of each shipping container. Also, we make sure to provide excellent customer service, thanks to our responsive staff, who are committed and well trained to impart their extensive knowledge of shipping, giving you the peace of mind that comes from working with responsible proven professionals.

At Spacewise our shipping container hire fleet is diversified, enough to meet the needs of all of our clients, and stocked to meet any challenge they can think of. Our general use shipping containers are of course the core of our stock of containers including those used in the domestic freight industry. We are constantly improving our fleet of containers in terms of design and construction, ensuring that their integrity is both reliable and robust.

At Spacewise our general shipping containers have several commercial uses including:

  • Transportation and Domestic Freight
  • Shipping Furniture
  • Creating Mobile Warehouses
  • Self-Storage
  • Machinery and Plant Storage
  • Work Site Sheds

When people come to Spacewise to hire shipping containers, we work hard to ensure timely delivery; along with ensuring the integrity and the quality of every shipping container remains intact. Spacewise has a fleet of delivery transports, and a hefty stock of shipping containers available for hire, and located at depots all over the country, ensuring all of the shipping containers shipped from our depots can reach you anywhere in Australia.