Catering and Events

As more and more outdoor events and festivals take place across Australia year after year, the people at Spacewise Australia are seeing a big upturn in the supply and building of modified shipping containers for catering and particular events.

At Spacewise Australia we have an in-house team of expert technicians and engineers, capable of supplying any conversion perfect for catering any event. Over the years demand has further increased with large corporations conducting team building events and multiple festivals and outdoor pursuits being organised every week. Consequently, at Spacewise Australia, with our ability to supply any necessary building required, we are fast becoming the number one choice to supply containers and infrastructure for catering and events.

Past clients who have allowed Spacewise Australia to facilitate their events have left behind glowing reviews. Organising events can be a logistical nightmare, but at Spacewise Australia we relieve the client of much of stress involved in organising an event, and the delivery of additional buildings. Once you let us know what is required we can supply you shipping container at very short notice, with the exact requirements you specify. Our team has all of the experience needed to run a smooth, efficient event service, with competitive rates for all catering and events supplies. Having the whole operation managed by one company comes with its own financial benefits as well as the cost for the whole package is centralized, and Spacewise Australia also offer discounts for the multiple hiring of our shipping containers.

As the uses for shipping containers shift into the events and catering industry, Spacaewise Australia has become adept in this area and we know what is required to create the perfect solution for any event, large or small. Whether an event last for a weekend or meant to run a month long, Spacewise Australia has the perfect option. Our efforts don’t just cover delivery and placement of converted containers, at Spacewise Australia will constantly liaise with the event organisers to make certain that all operations run smoothly. For delivered units requiring specific technical know-how, such as refrigerated units, our team of technicians are available to guide clients through all operational functions. At Spacewise we are proud to say we have supplied our containers to some of the biggest events across Australia, from music festivals to sporting events, all requiring temporary facilities which we were able to provide.

There are multiple uses for converted shipping containers within the catering and events sectors, and below are a few examples of what you can get out of acquiring a modified container.

Portable Chillers

Seen at events worldwide, the 10’ chiller box is the ideal cold storage unit. These are perfect whether hired are purchased as they are easy to use and mobile, making them a great addition for regular outdoor events. Their temperature ranges from -18C to +10C, perfect for keeping food and beverages chilled at safe temperature, most notably beer at festivals and sports events. Portable chillers are available in a trailer style with towing hooks and wheels, an essential tool for extended events where manoeuvring across a site is a possibility.

Refrigerated Containers

The Spacewise standard refrigerated container, with a temperature range of -25C to +25C is perfect for cold storage at any event where goods need to be frozen. For long events where items need sustained refrigeration there is no better container than the Spacewise Australia refrigerated unit. From our experiences these refrigerated containers are much more adaptable than market alternatives, such as refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated trucks need more access space and a larger area for operation, while the Spacewise Australia refrigerated containers can be placed literally anywhere they are necessary.

Cabin and Dry Storage

At every event you will see temporary structures with different uses and not only cold storage required at many events. Many of these structures are for the storage of equipment as musical equipment and additional seats. All of this equipment needs to be kept secure, safe, and just as importantly dry and protected from natural elements. This is why Spacewise Australia supplies dry storage containers to many outdoor events that are weatherproofed, fully lockable, as well as being anti-theft, and anti-vandal protected. These units range in size right up to 40’ and we also have a wealth of experience in supplying specific containers for the use by staff and performers at large concerts. We have and can supply units such as dressing rooms, interview areas for television coverage, along with staff canteens, all supplied and fully operational to the complete specifications of the client. These facilities also come totally operational with hot and cold water, plumbing and full electrics.

Toilet Blocks

Also, Spacewise Australia offers the widest array of temporary toilet facilities, for special events, on the market. The Spacewise Australia’s philosophy of customer satisfaction is no more apparent than in our supply of toilet blocks. Our competitors will supply a standard temporary toilet facility, but Spacewise Australia has listened to clients and taken what they want into consideration, enabling us to give multiple options to any event taking place.
At Spacewise we go beyond the standard one unit fits all toilet facility approach and deliver toilet facilities tailored to the client’s needs, ranging from a 1 toilet facility to a block of up to 6 units. Male toilet facilities can be ordered as a 1 urinal / 1 cubicle unit right up through to 6 cubicles, likewise with the women’s facilities, which can also be ordered in the same cubicle sizes. All of these units come supplied with hot and cold running water, and at Spacewise Australia we recognise the importance of providing top the line of disabled facilities. The disabled units we supply come with full wheelchair access and are also fitted with a disabled alarm.


Spacewise Australia has the adaptability to supply whatever is required for any outdoor event, and our extensive range of equipment goes far beyond that of our competitors. Not only do we have a huge range of containers, but we can also accommodate event organisers who require an external power supply. Many outdoor events will not have access to a mains power facility, but Spacewise Australia can supply clients with our special events generators that can do the job. The Spacewise Australia events generators are whisper silent, and on delivery our team will install the generator and offer all the technical support needed to keep it running.